Germans, Explore PaperToe ✍️

Willkommen! It is a pleasure to welcome you on our website. We love paper and we want to share our love with you!

We are small Czech store and we would like to send more beautiful goods to Germany - shipping is only 7 €. You can help us! In this short article we want to show you each important category which you might like. If you want to find out more about us - click here.


We started our paper journey with postcrossing. You can find out more about postcrossing here. Even if you are not postcrosser but you are a fan of nice postcards - you can find more than 2000 postcards on PaperToe. We have many original postcards which you can't find anywhere else.

Another popular themes: fairytales, nature, animals, art or food and drinks. These postcards are most favorite in Germany so far:

So what are you waiting for?



Your most valuable treasures should have appropriate protection - either postcard album or box for postcards. You can also buy additional pockets so you can put more postcards into postcard album.



There are many ways how to make paper more beautiful - using stickers is a safe bet. Search through more than 90 different stickers which you can put on anything made from paper.

Make world aesthetic!



Another way how to make your paper work outstanding. Our decorative tapes are usually made from paper ("washi tapes") so they will fit in anything you are going to produce.



With our stamps and pads you can feel into postman during good old times - hope you will enjoy that as we do.



Do you got goose-bumps when you see ink-written words? You can do it too. In Calligraphy category we got everything you need - calligraphic sets and pens, inks or papers (check out our useful calligraphy worksheets).



We always feel as Kings when we seal - and now you can feel as King too.



You can't write a letter or postcard without a pen. If writing with a good pen makes you happier then you should see our writing accessories - pens, markers and pencils.



Nice writings deserve nice paper - and that's what you find here.



Do you want to put something small into an envelope to make the other person smile? We can help you with our small gifts which you can put there.





Do you love stamps? Well - now you will. You can start your philately passion right here with stamp bags. Then you might find useful our stamp boxes and stamp albums.



Last but not least - our original t-shirts and bags for every passionate postcrosser. ❤️



We hope you find something special here and we are looking forward your next visit!

PaperToe Team