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Vršovický Čtyřkolák or for someone simply Dvojka. The locomotive, which was created in 1936 by reconstruction from machine 434.0148. During her long steamy life, which still lasts, she experienced the horrors of the Second World War and then moved a little to the second track from Sergei and Bardotek. It was reliable in freight and passenger transport, for example between Prague and Nymburk. And last but not least, to the sound of tramp music, it blew majestically along the Posázavská track.

The original locomotive was manufactured in 1917 in the Breitfeld & Daněk factory in Slaný. During the reconstruction of the machine in 1936, the locomotive was converted from a combined two-cylinder to wet steam to a twin locomotive to superheated steam. The typical appearance of a four-wheeler is indicated by a smoke pipe that is extended in front of the tread and at the same time by pipes that are bent obliquely backwards towards the cabin and down to the gallery.

It is necessary to mention two more gentlemen who helped Čtyřkolák to the dormitory. The first is Karl Gölsdorf, who was the chief designer at the Austrian State Railway and replaced the twin steam engine with a combined steam engine - the so-called split expansion. The second is Wilhelm Schmidt, who signed the invention of the steam superheater and whose idea increased the efficiency of steam locomotives by up to 30%. And hundreds of other, ordinary people with a love of college.

It is unbelievable what this locomotive has seen on its tracks, during its existence, which still lasts.

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